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Product Description

Soap nets are amazing. Put your favorite bar of soap in the net to create a loofah experience. It is awesome for people who are used to using a loofah + body wash. This will be a great way to transition to using a bar of soap! (Which is SO MUCH BETTER) ;) I found these soap nets a few years ago and fell in love with the design. When it came time to get another one I couldn't find them anywhere. Amazon is flooded with similar products but none that I loved using as much as these (I tried MANY other options). So when I found the company that made these I scooped up a bunch! I love to add them to a gift when I am gifting soap. It is so important to keep handmade soap dry. Having a soap net that you can easily hang from your shower caddy is a great way to keep your bars from sitting in a pool of water between showers. These are also great for putting the ends of bars in when they get down to a little sliver. I always have a regular bar of soap (on a soap dish) in my shower, then I have a net with a bar + any soap ends that I use to shave. Try it!!! :) The bar of soap is NOT included with the purchase of the soap net.

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